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Retail Means Detail china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Nov 22, 2010

“I’m thinking of setting up my own grocery store.”

I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard this from friends thinking of entering the world of retailing. Many would-be entrepreneurs set their sights on the retail business because they think that the industry is...

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Channel Focus china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jul 25, 2010

More consumer goods manufacturers are shifting from a geographical based sales structure to one that is channel-focused.

Companies are now evolving such that Regional/Area/Territory Sales Managers who, in the past, used to be in charge of specific geographical territories are now evolving into...

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Hire Young Entrepreneurs china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jul 11, 2010

“Have you had any experiences in running your own business?”

This is a question I ask job applicants every time I conduct interviews.

The reason is that in my experience, job applicants who have had some form of entrepreneurial experience in their youth in addition to their corporate...

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Deal or No Deal? china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jun 11, 2010

By Miguel P. Suterio – Managing Director/ Trade Dynamics Consulting Int’l Inc.

“We’re spending millions on trade deals and yet our sales figures even show a net decline!” This is a familiar comment heard in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry wherein cutthroat...

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Training Consultants & Used Car Salesmen china business - mr. miguel p. suterio May 25, 2010

All of us at one time have come across a stereotypical Used Car Salesman: fast-talking, hustling, price-diving, and ready to do anything to sell you that broken down, heap of junk, excuse for a car.

In the corporate training world, individuals like this also exist. You could call them Used Course...

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New, Improved, Out of Stock china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Apr 25, 2010

(New-Product Distribution Failure)

How many times have we seen a great ad on TV of a wonderful new product that gets us all worked up and raring to rush to the shelves of our local supermarket, only to find it, disappointingly, nowhere in sight?

That’s what industry insiders call New...

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