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Rebirth of Sales & the Golden Age of Trade Marketing (Second of Three Parts) Nov 01, 2021

In today’s highly dynamic and sophisticated trade environment, merely having a sales force is no longer enough. Having only sales representatives, who build relationships with their accounts and ensure purchase orders are picked up, is a surefire way to guarantee your company’s...

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Retail Means Detail china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Nov 22, 2010

“I’m thinking of setting up my own grocery store.”

I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard this from friends thinking of entering the world of retailing. Many would-be entrepreneurs set their sights on the retail business because they think that the industry is...

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Channel Focus china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jul 25, 2010

More consumer goods manufacturers are shifting from a geographical based sales structure to one that is channel-focused.

Companies are now evolving such that Regional/Area/Territory Sales Managers who, in the past, used to be in charge of specific geographical territories are now evolving into...

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Hire Young Entrepreneurs china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jul 11, 2010

“Have you had any experiences in running your own business?”

This is a question I ask job applicants every time I conduct interviews.

The reason is that in my experience, job applicants who have had some form of entrepreneurial experience in their youth in addition to their corporate...

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Deal or No Deal? china business - mr. miguel p. suterio Jun 11, 2010

By Miguel P. Suterio – Managing Director/ Trade Dynamics Consulting Int’l Inc.

“We’re spending millions on trade deals and yet our sales figures even show a net decline!” This is a familiar comment heard in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry wherein cutthroat...

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Training Consultants & Used Car Salesmen china business - mr. miguel p. suterio May 25, 2010

All of us at one time have come across a stereotypical Used Car Salesman: fast-talking, hustling, price-diving, and ready to do anything to sell you that broken down, heap of junk, excuse for a car.

In the corporate training world, individuals like this also exist. You could call them Used Course...

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